Chin Hin Group has grown from a humble trader in the Northern Malaysia to the country’s market leader in the distribution of building materials. The following milestones were achieved by the Group as it grew from its humble beginnings in the Northern region to a Billion Ringgit conglomerate as it is today:
  • 1974-1993

    20 YEARS


    Business started as a humble building materials trader in the northern region of Malaysia.

    Chin Hin Group initiated streamlining its business activities to focus on becoming a market leader
    in the production and distribution of cement in the country.

    Gained profitable network through good customer relations.

    The Group’s trading division was recognised as the number one largest cement distributor in the country’s
    northern region.

  • 1994-2008

    15 YEARS


    The Group starts growing its business actively while strengthening its staff and management capabilities.

    As part of its growth strategies, Chin Hin Group broadens its earnings base through product diversification.

    This is followed by the distribution of steel bars and other building materials to customers in the Central Region.

    Chin Hin Group’s property division successfully completed its first housing project in Kangar, Perlis.

    Chin Hin Group moved its headquarter to Kuala Lumpur in order to get closer to the growing number of
    customers in the Central Region.

    Chin Hin Group extended its activities to supplying ready mixed concrete to customers in the Northern Region.

    Chin Hin Group opened its new branches in Johore to expand its services into the Southern Region.

    The Group’s ready-mixed concrete business extended into the Central Region.

  • 2009-2014 ONWARDS

    6 YEARS


    2009 January
    Chin Hin Group undertook internal restructuring to rationalise its building materials business.

    The Group further enlarged its range of business activities by establishing a hospitality division,
    focusing on building business hotels. Our first project is “The Leverage Business Hotel” located in Alor Setar, Kedah.

    Metex Steel started its production of steel mesh reinforcement sheets for the local market. It also
    ventured into the metal deck and roofing systems for residential and industrial applications.

    Starken AAC’s subsidiary G-Cast started its production of pre-cast concrete pipes next to the AAC factory,
    which itself was under construction during the year.

    2009 August
    The group ventured into property development by undertaking the G Residence high rise condominium project in Klang Lama.

    Chin Hin Group’s combined turnover exceeded 1 billion Ringgit for the first time ever.

    The group started to move up its supply chain by setting up two manufacturing companies,
    i.e Starken AAC (lightweight aerated concrete blocks) and Metex Steel (steel mesh reinforcement)

    Staken AAC’s factory started its production of light weight aerated concrete blocks in early 2014
    and is gaining encouraging market acceptance despite its recent market entry.